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With a population of 11,594,163, Ohio is the 7th populated state in the USA. Also known as “The Mother of Presidents”, Ohio is ranked 34th area wise in the list of the 50 states. Columbus is the capital while Cleveland is the largest city of Ohio.

In the education sector, Ohio university was the first university in the Northwest Territory and it was also the preliminary public institute in Ohio.

Based on some business activities, Ohio was ranked 2nd in the list of states with the best business climate. Back in 2010, the total Gross Domestic product was $478 billion and this ranked the state 7th in the economy in the United States.

The unemployment rate in Ohio was 10.7% back in 2010. According to a survey, the per capita income of Ohio is $34,874. Almost 13.1% population of Ohio lives below the poverty line, however, there is an increment of 5% in the employment rate from 2006 to 2015.

Manufacturing and financial activities are the backbones of Ohio’s economy, and almost 18.3% of Ohio’s GDP depends on these activities. Production also plays an important role in the economy of the state and it is a large producer of electrical equipment, rubber, plastics, fabricated materials, and appliances. Trade, transportation, and utilities are the main sources of employment in Ohio and almost 1,010,000 citizens are employed in these sectors. While other major employment sectors include education and health.

In the field of science and technology, Ohio’s progress is quite noteworthy as it has the largest bioscience sector located in the Midwest. Ohio is one of the 41 states in the USA with its own lottery names as the Ohio Lottery and it has also spent over $15.5billion to the department of education.


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