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With the population of 935,614, Delaware is the second smallest state in the United States. Also known as “The Small Wonder”, Delaware has only three counties named as Sussex, New Castle and Kent. Dover is the capital while the biggest city is Wilmington of Delaware.

According to a survey by National Science Foundation (NSF), the capital of Delaware (Dover) has the highest number of PhD’s, scientists and engineers. The education level is relatively higher in Delaware than any other state in the United States.

As compared to 2000, the GSP of Delaware increased to the range of $60-62 billion, from $40 billion. Insurance, finance and real estate industry are the key factors in the improved GDP of Delaware. Delaware was ranked number 9 in per capita income with personal income of $34,199. Sale prices of homes in the three counties of Delaware decreased year by year.

According to a survey by Phoenix Marketing International (PMI), Delaware was ranked 9th in most millionaires in a state. Delaware is one of the five states with no shopping tax. According to a local US survey held in December 2014, unemployment rate in Delaware was 5.2%.

Lot of the people in Delaware earns their day from banking, teaching, healthcare and medical companies. “The Dove Air Force Base” which is one of the biggest Air forces in the United States, is situated near the capital Dover. It is the largest military facility in the country.

In the field of agriculture, Delaware is a major producer of soybeans, corn and milk. Manufacturing, chemicals, paper, food products, rubber and plastic products and printed materials are also major products that contribute a great deal to the economy of Delaware.

Delaware is ranked last in the list of mineral production states. Most produced mineral in Delaware is Magnesium and others are sand and gravel.


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