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The state of Vermont is the 6th smallest in the country, with an area of 9,620 square miles. With a population of 626,562 as it was estimated in 2014, the state is the 2nd least populous in the nation. Its capital city is Montpelier, and the landmarks of the state are “Montshire Museum of Science”, “Bennington Battle Monument” and “Park McCullough Historic House”.

Two years in a row, Vermont was named the nation’s smartest state and the Education Week ranked Vermont on the 2nd position in high school graduation in 2007. In Vermont are located five colleges, which are overseen by the Vermont State Colleges system and fourteen private colleges.

The state of Vermont back in 2007 was ranked as the 32nd best state to do business, by Forbes magazine. The state’s unemployment rate was estimated in 2010 to be 6.2% and it was the fourth lowest in the nation. The state’s gross state product was $26 billion, including government, construction, non–durable goods manufacturing and others.

The most exports and imports in Vermont were to and from Canada. The state of Canada was Vermont’s largest trade partner in 2007. The median household estimated from 2002 to 2004 was $45,692. Major industries in the state are agriculture and manufacturing. Over 75% of the area in Vermont is forested and over 85% of that area is non–industrial or owned by individuals. The primary and most important source of the agricultural income is dairy farming. About 20% of Vermont’s dairy farms and 23% vegetable farms are organic. This kind of organic farms increased in the period of 2006–2007 and leveled off in the period of 2008–2009. Some of the largest ski areas are located in Vermont and visitors enjoy lake fishing, ice fishing, hiking the Long Trail. So, tourism is also a very important sector in the state.


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