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With a population of 2,949,902, Utah is the 33rd most populous state in the USA. Also called the Beehive State, Utah is the 13th largest state in the USA. Salt Lake City is both, the capital as well as the largest city of Utah.

In 2012, the total gross state product of Utah was $130.5 billion and the per capita income of the state was $45,700. In 2014, Utah was declared 1st as the top state for business. Utah is considered as the best state for small business and has more than 200,000 small businesses.

Back in September 2014, the unemployment rate of Utah was 3.5%. The eastern Utah is home to oil and many oil industries are flourishing here. Fun fact: a study in 2009 showed that the residents of Utah were the largest consumers of internet pornography per capita in the United States.

The only major and sole factor in the stable economy of Utah is tourism. After Alaska and California, Utah has the most national parks (3 national parks are located in Utah). Due to many cultural attractions like Temple Square, National Parks and Zion National Park, plenty of tourists are attracted towards Utah and make the state’s economy even more stable.

After the tourism, the other factor which contributes a lot to the economy of Utah is mine production. The leading minerals of the state are gold, zinc, silver, beryllium, lead and copper. Fossil fuels like natural gas, petroleum and coal also play a key role in the economy of Utah.


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