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Alaska’s land area extends 663,268 square miles and it is considered to be the one with the longest coastline among the 50 states. According to a report that was made back in 1998, 65% of Alaska, is owned or represented by the US Federal Government. The government manages the public lands, the national forest, the parks and the wildlife refuges. With the population of 736,732, as it was estimated at 2014, Alaska is ranked as the least densely populated state. When it comes to the landmarks of the state, one cannot fail to mention “Cape Krusenstern National Monument”, “Golden North Hotel” and the volcano “Fisher Caldera”.

Alaska has many school districts and about a dozen colleges and universities. The young people of Alaska are leaving the state as soon as they finish their studies, and usually never come back. For that reason institutions in Alaska offer scholarships. To help make a stronger community for the future, Northrim Bank also donated about $250,000 to University of Alaska programs.

With a gross state product of $60,542 million the state’s economy, stands on the 44th position out of the 50 states. This state abounds with tremendous energy resources. The economy depends on the extremely increasing diesel fuel, which is very expensive and used for heating, light and electric power. The Alaska Permanent Fund is authorized appropriation of oil revenues for managing a surplus in the state. Today the fund has grown to $51 billion royalties and capital investments.

The main occupation in Alaska is agriculture and fishing. The state has been ranked as one of the states in the US with the highest costs of commodities. There is seafood in abundance, but shipping costs are very expensive, that’s why gathering and hunting is an indispensable activity in this state.


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