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Also known as “The Nutmeg State”, Connecticut was officially named after the river Connecticut (largest river in New England). With the population of 3,596,677, Connecticut is the 3rd smallest state in the United States. Hartford is the capital of Connecticut and also the largest metropolitan area in Connecticut. However, in terms of population, Bridgeport and New Haven are ahead of Hartford.

The education level in Connecticut is pretty decent and in the last 20 years the rate of education and workforce is slowly increasing. Women have made a huge progress in education and most of the college degree holders in Connecticut are women.

Connecticut has the lowest unemployment rate in the United States. Despite the lack of natural resources, the citizens of Connecticut have made it a reputable production state. In terms of income per capita, Connecticut ranks among the top states in the USA.

As of 2012, total GDP of Connecticut was $229.3 billion. With 11.9% GDP, Connecticut is the 3rd biggest industrial state. Insurance is the key factor in the development of Connecticut as Hartford is one of the biggest insurance centers of the world. Due to such high reputation in the industry and finance, Hartford is also known as “Insurance City”. Also, 16.4% of the GDP is generated by finance and insurance.

Another major factor in the improved economy of Connecticut is the Livestock and animal products. The significant amount of milk, eggs, vegetables and poultry are produced by the farms of Connecticut.

New Cannan, with per capita income of $82,049, is the wealthiest city of Connecticut while Hartford the poorest with per capita $33,151. Manufacturing is also an asset of Connecticut and is ranked 2nd in manufacturing of machinery. The major machinery produced by Connecticut is computers, printing machinery and bearings.


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