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With a population of 5,355,866, Colorado ranked 22nd in population in the United States. Colorado has the highest average elevation with more than 1,000 rock-strewn mountains in the United States. The most populous city of Colorado as well as the capital Denver, has a population of 3,277,309 and almost 60% of the residents live in Denver. Along with Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Fort Collins are the biggest cities of Colorado.

In the last two decades, Colorado has made significant improvements in education and workforce. However it is still a worrying thing that in Colorado there is the wide gap in education levels between Hispanics / Latinos and Whites. Only 16% of Hispanics of working-age have college degrees compared to 48% of Whites of working-age.

According to a local US survey, Colorado is 6th fastest growing state in GDP and ranked 17th for per capita gross domestic product. Major sectors that contribute towards the high GDP of Colorado include forestry, transportation, agriculture, fishing and hunting, wholesale trade, finance and insurance. Reports of US Census Bureau showed that Colorado had GSP (Gross State Product) of 217$ billion, which placed the state at the 21st position in highest GSP among the 50 states.

In the late 1880s, Colorado was USA’s leading silver producer and a vital source of gold. Due to excessive resources of natural gas and coal, Colorado always proved to be a mining state. Although the jobs of mining and construction suffered hugely during the late 1980s, but the contribution of US government in advanced technologies, increased job opportunities from 39,000 to 125,000 in Colorado. According to CCER (Council for Community and Economic Research) the cost of living in Colorado is 30% below west and east coast cities. You can estimate the job opportunities in Colorado by knowing the fact that the unemployment rate in the state is 5.1%.


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