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With a population of 3,970,239, Oregon is the 27th most populated state in the USA. Also known as the “Beaver State”, Oregon is 9th biggest state area-wise in the country. Salem is the capital while Portland is the largest city. The population of Oregon has increased 12% as compared to that in 2002.

More than 560k students enroll each year in the state’s schools. In terms of higher education, the University of Oregon is the most selected institute by the students and has the highest international ranking in the state. Oregon always struggled in promoting its higher education and the state cut the higher education budget between 2002-2006. Due to such actions the state was ranked 46th among the state spending on education.

In 2013, the gross domestic product of Oregon was $219.6billion with an increment of 2.7% as compared to 2012. Back in 2013, the per capita income of Oregon was $39,848 and was the wealthiest state by GDP in 2003. According to a survey, back in December 2014, the unemployment rate of Oregon was 6.7%.

Forestry plays an important role in the economy of Oregon and the state is one of the largest producers of timber. However, the harvesting and the cutting of forests has decreased the amount of timber produced over the last few years.

The beautiful mountains, forests, waterfalls and beaches have attracted many of the tourists towards Oregon, making tourism a major factor in the state’s economy. Intel, the largest employee company of Oregon located in Silicon forest, has made Oregon a technology home with its main headquarters located here. Other than Intel, the main headquarters of Nike and Addidas are located in Portland Area of Oregon.


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