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Arizona’s land extends 113,998 square miles, and it’s the 6th largest state in the US. The state is one of the Four Corners states with the population of 6,731,484 as it was estimated in 2014 and is ranked on the 15th position of the most popular states in the US. Some of the most famous tourist attractions are: “Grand Canyon”, “Hoover Dam Montezuma Castle” and “Heard Museum Phoenix”.

The economy in Arizona depends on assorted composition of sectors, but mostly transportation, health care and the government. The state’s gross product is $288 billion, which is visibly larger than the GDP of Ireland, Finland and New Zealand. The medium household income of $50,448, puts Arizona on the 22nd position of the 50 states in US. The economy relies mostly on the “Five C’s” (copper, cotton, cattle, citrus, and climate). Arizona’s largest private employer is Walmart with 30,000 employees.

The tax of the state is 5.6%, but municipal and county sales taxes primarily add an extra 2%. The state of Arizona does not impose a state tax on food for home consumption or on drugs prescribed by a licensed doctor.

The main occupations in the state are: the agriculture (equally deployed between crops and livestock), manufacturing (which is known by the added value of commodities such as computer and electronic equipment) and mining (mainly copper which sometimes helps recover large amounts of silver and gold).

The main purpose of the Pawnbrokers Association in Arizona (founded in 1986) is to make the pawn industry in the state a viable business venture and to protect the state from prejudiced legislature activity.


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